it is important to be ready to hit the ground running, but you better be running in the right direction!

DID YOU KNOW? OVER THE Past 4 years in mckinney we have:

  • Fallen from the #1 ranked Best Place to live in America by Money Magazine to OFF the top 50 list altogether!
  • Decreased our percentage of Business Tax Base from over 23% to 19.4%, substantially increasing property tax burden on residents!
  • Increased the average property tax paid by homeowners by 35%!
  • Left vulnerable elderly and disabled residents stranded when we eliminated Para-Transit service in our community!
  • Failed to provide adequate parking for our Downtown McKinney!
  • Experienced one of the highest regional turnover rates in city staff!



The 25 years I have spent in leadership across this community and region have uniquely equipped me to “hit the ground running” as Mayor.  From issues, to people, to partnerships – I listen to everyone and know how to build consensus to get things done.

I am a person of action.  But that is because I am a passionate person. These two factors are tied together.


 I am a family man, a business person, a musician, a nonprofit leader and a city leader.  I have been actively engaged in McKinney for 25 years.

    o   Received multiple “Builder of the Year” awards from the city of McKinney and the            region and am a 2 time winner of the Parade of Homes “People’s Choice Award.”

    o   Leading member of the Adriatica revitalization team that rescued the development          in 2011 and brought the 46- acre, mixed use development to successful fruition.

§  Adriatica represents nearly 100 Million on the tax base

§  Has been featured in numerous City publications as a highlight of our community.

§  While a member of the development team, we requested no money from the city to subsidize our development.

o   Owner of the Guitar Sanctuary and performance Academy and the Sanctuary Music and Events Center.

o   Co-founder of the Love Life Foundation

o   Meals on Wheels Member

o   Served 5 years on the MCDC Corporation where I demonstrated a proven track record of leadership

o   Board of Directors with the Chamber of Commerce

o   President of the Stonebridge Commercial Association

On the city front, I am most proud of serving as Chairman of the McKinney Community Development Corporation and leading to bring forward the youth sports complex known as PSA.  I led the efforts for the City’s aquatics project, “APEX.”.  Both of these projects were on time and on budget.  Both are expected to be heavily used by adults and children alike – and we already have documented the tremendous impact of PSA on our community with over 30% of McKinney children using the facility and over 1,500,000 annual visitors.

Why should those listening care:

A person who decides to set aside the time and has the dedication to run for a position on the City Council, especially as Mayor, can’t just wake up one morning and decide to go for it. That is not a McKinney characteristic. I have paid my dues and have readied myself to spend the extra time needed to run for Mayor and be an effective leader. I knew that if I wanted to lead, I had to first learn more about our local government and know how to serve. To do so, I served on MCDC, etc. It’s time for a new kind on leadership to move McKinney forward in this critical juncture. Those who have gone before me laid the foundation, now it’s time for decisive, visionary leadership as we plan for tomorrow today.

Broaden commercial and retail development While Preserving McKinney's Uniqueness

Engage current property stakeholders and create a partnership culture

Enhance the experience developers and businesses have when engaging staff services

Streamline the process for potential City “customers”

Continue refinement of the City’s Comprehensive Plan to position McKinney for current and anticipated future development trends


I will encourage concentrating most of our energy and funds into projects that matter, projects that can become economic engines for McKinney and still work to preserve the quality of life that we value here in McKinney. It’s about finding a balance. I hear from residents that they love the green space and quality of life we have here in McKinney and that’s why they moved here. However, I also am aware of the burden of property taxes. I believe we can find a balance between preserving the beauty and uniqueness of our city, while attracting new business to our city to expand our commercial tax base. We must vision and plan for this.  We have squandered a lot of money on things that are okay, but not great.


We have collected over $125 million in sales taxes for economic development purposes. What have we done with the money and what are the results?  So much money has been accumulated that we have willingly given money to those not in need.   We don’t need corporate welfare in McKinney.  We need investments that turn into self-perpetuating projects.

Why should those listening care:

This is where we have neighboring competitors that have waited patiently for the right opportunity to come along. There is a momentum in our neighboring cities that we do not have in McKinney. I want to see that change in McKinney and will push vigorously for better investments.


BalAnced Tax Base/Reduce residential Burden

Develop a proactive strategy to attract retail, commercial and business development

Through business development and retention efforts, McKinney will move the needle on the residential tax burden affecting each and every resident.    

Diversifying tax revenue sources


 I will not support an increase in the tax rate during my term. Further, using the legally required Truth-In-Taxation formula, I will not support an increase in the effective tax rate greater than the 4% cap being suggested in the Legislature, which is half of the current limit of 8% before a rollback election is required. Even further, I will request that the Council amend the current financial policies to require the staff to present evidence that at least all potential budget-balancing avenues are explored (except maintenance deferral) before the proposed tax rate is raised above the effective tax rate. The effective tax rate is essentially the tax rate to produce the operating revenues from the previous year after new construction is taken into consideration. 

I have studied the budget documents of the City and believe the City can do this during my term.  Financial policies require a protection against making unsound fiscal decisions. On the other hand, they can assure proper constraints without jeopardizing bond ratings or any of the financial strength metrics. Nobody should support irresponsible decisions, and I will fight any attempt to risk the City’s high bond rating. But I understand, too, that there is nothing wrong with tight budgeting and tight financial management.

Improve partnership with Historic Downtown Businesses

Identify a sustainable parking solution

Identify more aggressive strategies to enhance and development our Hwy 5 corridor

Engage downtown businesses when identifying and planning business impacting events

Develop McKinney National Airport Strategies

Initiate strategies that seek and attract corporate aviation departments and assets

Identify land use regulation and zoning necessary to protect and foster future growth


Here is one thing I know. We have good access with highways, and so do our neighbors. We have lots of land left, and so do most of our neighbors. We have talented people of sound economic means, and so do our neighbors.

And we have an incredibly good airport, an undisputable economic driver. Our neighbors don’t have an airport.


The airport is one of five general aviation facilities located in the north Dallas County and Collin County area and is second in annual operations to the Addison Municipal Airport.

There is currently over 71.5 Million Dollars in Ad Valorem airport assets that contribute to our tax revenue base, collectively contributing nearly 1.8 Million Dollars in revenue.

Why should those listening care:

A good business person knows that you build on our strengths before you invest resources in things for which you have the most competition and challenges. We can do more to build on one of our biggest assets, the Collin County International Airport.

Attract community enhancement opportunities

Proactively seek community “centers” similar to PSA Youth and the Aquatic and Fitness Facility

Ensure a balance of community amenities across our city

Develop cultural community events

Engage community residents and define a series of cultural event programs that will promote healthy community socialization

Music, Film and Theater festival series


Cultural Community Events spur economic vitality, attract new and visiting populations and bring our community together enhancing resident participation.


Industries that are planning relocation or expansion place great emphasis on a healthy cultural climate.  In a past survey conducted by the Joint Legislative Committee on Cultural Affairs, 99% of the chief executive officers who were questioned stated that the availability of cultural activities in an area is an important consideration in choosing a new location.   The cultural arts strength in a community reflects the strength of that community.  Cultural arts are a powerful economic force, and act as a magnet for tourism. Even more important, they help educate and inspire our citizens and stimulate creativity in the workplace and in our schools.”

Why should those listening care:

A thriving cultural arts community breathes life and light into its residents and has a positive impact on our quality of life and encourages economic development bringing more revenues to our city coffers. 


Maintain McKinney’s excellence

Equip city staff with the resources and tools to meet and exceed our expectations.  We must empower our team, not hinder them.